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Choir at the start was alright - although their were a few leaps in your soprano section which sounded unnatural. As Palestrina said - "Many steps, few leaps." And he was a master of choral music back in the day. Nice suspension around 2:13 - for a fact your soprano is playing a high C note but I'm trying to figure out what the strings are playing. Is it a Bb Major chord?

Sound wise, nice and thick sounds - very cinematic. Not thin at all. The Horn section is mixed very well, although my headphones are picking up a bit of Mid peak - just a bit. It may have been overall clipping though because of the nature of the climax of the piece. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Strings as well - very well executed, and they play THAT motif which you would certainly find in cinematic pieces - that broken chord type arpeggio so I was very pleased to hear that kick in.

I'm not sure what else to say rather than good stuff mate!


Piano was absolutely fine. Well executed suspension around 0:04 which resolved nicely around 0:08.
Vocals were a bit thin for my taste but had this pleasant ethereal texture to it. Almost breathy/airy.
Wasn't a fan of the percussion. A bit plastic and thin for me.
The vocals jump out of this mix around 1:18 which drowns out your other sounds a bit. You always want to vocals to sit comfortably just on top of the mix.
As for the vocals themselves - nothing special but do just fine in the project.
The chordal progression is generic but that's absolutely fine considering the message/emotion you want to get across to us.

Overall, quite good - certainly pleasant to listen too. Good stuff mate!

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Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Thanks, glad you like it.

Liked the gritty crushed kick however at 1:20 it increases in loudness and throws the mix off a bit.
The main body of the project is great, however it stays great for a couple of minutes before it starts to grate on the ears. It's missing some juicy bass, and I think some Neo Moogish Wendy Carlos type bass would fit in great at this point, to give the entire mix structure and flesh from the ground up. This is just my opinion though.
Overall, enjoyable to listen too. Good stuff mate!

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CANDYdisturber responds:

Thanks for the review! Greatly appreciate it.

Bass is pretty hard to do in chiptune since the only real thing i can use is saw/square waves, and since I already had so many going at a time it would've ended up breaking most of the clarity in the leads; but that's definately something I can try and look into.

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