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Choir at the start was alright - although their were a few leaps in your soprano section which sounded unnatural. As Palestrina said - "Many steps, few leaps." And he was a master of choral music back in the day. Nice suspension around 2:13 - for a fact your soprano is playing a high C note but I'm trying to figure out what the strings are playing. Is it a Bb Major chord?

Sound wise, nice and thick sounds - very cinematic. Not thin at all. The Horn section is mixed very well, although my headphones are picking up a bit of Mid peak - just a bit. It may have been overall clipping though because of the nature of the climax of the piece. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Strings as well - very well executed, and they play THAT motif which you would certainly find in cinematic pieces - that broken chord type arpeggio so I was very pleased to hear that kick in.

I'm not sure what else to say rather than good stuff mate!


Piano was absolutely fine. Well executed suspension around 0:04 which resolved nicely around 0:08.
Vocals were a bit thin for my taste but had this pleasant ethereal texture to it. Almost breathy/airy.
Wasn't a fan of the percussion. A bit plastic and thin for me.
The vocals jump out of this mix around 1:18 which drowns out your other sounds a bit. You always want to vocals to sit comfortably just on top of the mix.
As for the vocals themselves - nothing special but do just fine in the project.
The chordal progression is generic but that's absolutely fine considering the message/emotion you want to get across to us.

Overall, quite good - certainly pleasant to listen too. Good stuff mate!

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Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Thanks, glad you like it.

Liked the gritty crushed kick however at 1:20 it increases in loudness and throws the mix off a bit.
The main body of the project is great, however it stays great for a couple of minutes before it starts to grate on the ears. It's missing some juicy bass, and I think some Neo Moogish Wendy Carlos type bass would fit in great at this point, to give the entire mix structure and flesh from the ground up. This is just my opinion though.
Overall, enjoyable to listen too. Good stuff mate!

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CANDYdisturber responds:

Thanks for the review! Greatly appreciate it.

Bass is pretty hard to do in chiptune since the only real thing i can use is saw/square waves, and since I already had so many going at a time it would've ended up breaking most of the clarity in the leads; but that's definately something I can try and look into.

I hear the most messed up melodies in my dreams I just can't be bothered to write them down.

Dodgy clash at 0:49. I say clash because it doesn't resolve into anything and it sounds a blip - almost an accident. Maybe you intended it as a grace note?

As for the lead in question. It's very Techno brassy isn't it? It's also very bright in my opinion - as well as dry. A bit of reverb on it would have blended it nicely with your mix. I'm not really feeling the melody either. It sounds very blocky. A lot of your notes are the same value. It results in a very monotonous, drawn out melody.

The choir however adds a nice backing texture to the whole piece. The bell tune at the start and end stands out in the mix a bit too much for me. You could have lowered that a bit maybe. The melody the bells actually play though is absolutely fine.

Overall, it was not bad at all - just dragged on too much for me.

Good stuff, cheers!

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MMsensei1 responds:

Thank you very much, this was really helpful feedback ^^

Love the Albioni inspired bassline.
The chordal transition from 0:13 to 0:14 was a bit off for me. I'm not sure what the first chord is but i certainly know the second one is Dm. Is the first one BbMaj or Fmaj? Whatever it is, it sounds a bit wonky to me. This is just my opinion though.

Loved the last chord. Sounded like a bare fifth to me. Love bare fifths.
Overall, the chords were decent, nothing very interesting - just generic chords - however I enjoyed listening to it. Very soothing.

Good stuff, cheers!

I was expecting something slow and dreamy but instead you opened with what can only be described as a pirate type theme.

The sounds are decent, but sound a bit too MIDI for me and un-natural. Which is to be expected if you're solely using FL Studio.

Musically, a bit thin and dry. Nothing that stands out to me. Not quite sure how to describe it. A think you should try deep bare fifths in some low string section and perhaps fuller chords in the high strings? You could even do octaves in a Double Bass section or something. Just fill it our a bit,

The synthesized bass was a pleasant surprise though.

Overall, not bad at all. Looking forward to your next piece!

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Mdrums responds:

Thnx for the feedback! I'll try to apply it in a new piece :)

My honest review?

Extremely disjointed. Sounds are off beat. As if you attempted syncopation (which i believe is an aspect of Blues) but missed by about a demi semi quaver - throwing everything off balance. As a result, I struggled to enjoy it.

Jazz wise? Sure, you throw a few chromatics in but It's not as jazzy as i was expecting. It sounded more like a theme from a platform video game. This is just my opinion though. If you want jazz then use some jazz chords. Maj7ths, A7b13, etc... I can hardly play jazz although I should get into it.

Overall, extremely decent - but not my thing.


zktaichou responds:

Thanks for the review!

I had intentionally made the sounds that way. It is sort of my own musical style. Maybe I have weird musical taste haha. I made this knowing it isn't everyone's cup of tea =)

And you're quite sharp haha. If you check out my other releases, they are indeed oriented more towards video games. Maybe that is due to my upbringing with mostly video games =D


Don't listen to others if you should finish it or not. That's your decision.
If you WANT to finish it then do. If you lack passion then maybe not.

My opinion?
Very promising. A slow start, the piano was quite terrible actually. Very blocky and lacking depth in the mix. However, 0:28 redeemed the entire track. Nice Kick, just be sure the sub Bass tailing from it doesn't distort your mix and drown your other sounds. The "discotronic" lead which enters as well sounds good too!

However, theirs something going on in the mix which is turning it a bit muddy. Check your reverb levels on all your sounds to make sure the tail from the reverb isn't causing this because at 0:38 you can hear a big difference in the mix when the Kick stops. You might want to check your compression levels as well. The kick is bringing your other sounds down.

This is just my advice though. Good stuff mate!

For a valentines piece it sounds like the relationship is at best extremely gloomy. The minor chords with the slow deep cello. It sounds more like a lament in my opinion.

Musically- it's not bad at all. However, the chords i found a bit generic and simple. A valentines piece certainly needs some Maj7ths and Suspended major chords. For example if it was a Gmajor chord play the blocked chord in root position but instead play G,C,D then move the C down to a B to resolve it. It's a must have in every love song.

The piano itself sounded fine. Good amount of reverb and NO DELAY thankfully. Kept it natural sounding. The percussion itself was alright, sounded like something you'd hear from an Epic Soundtrack. As well as the sweep ups, choir and strings.

The best part? All the effort you put into it for someone elses girlfriend. That's the most beautiful part of this piece.

I hope you're not offended with this review. I just dealt with someone who reacted insecurely to my review so I had to put him in his place.

Overall - an enjoyable piece.

Good stuff mate!

xIIInon responds:

Thank you so much for your review! I'm not the kind of guy who revolts against constructive criticism and a great deal of advice! I had no idea of that chord progression you mentioned, this is a valuable thing to know. It wasn't exactly a "valentine" piece, I was asked to compose something similar to my other audios - "Lost Sol" and "Serenity" so I tried to capture their atmosphere. And, well, for me, the greatest part is still a guy who wants to gift something special, something that transfers his emotion directly. And, honestly, kudos to such a man.

Decent chords. A bit generic for me though although i must admit more creative than most i've seen where. Whether you intended that or not i don't know. I could have sworn I heard a Maj7th somewhere. Then again i am tone deaf. The piano rhythm you have going on starting at 1:29 was... well.... not my thing. Broken chords may have worked better. Or arpegiated. All in all though - not bad at all. Good stuff mate!

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Calamaistr responds:

The intention was to make a piano track from the melody of its respective 8 bit predecessor ;)

Thanks for the review :)

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